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The Best Way To Set Goals You'll Actually Accomplish

May 30, 20231 min read


Setting goals can be really challenging, and while there are plenty of frame works that you can use to set goals, I have found that reverse engineering goals is actually the best way to do it. In this episode I talk about how to dream big - a crucial step that most people miss, and how to work backwards from that dream to figure out actionable steps you can start taking to reach your goals. When you allow yourself to dream big then you can get into problem solving mode and asking yourself "ok, beautiful wonderful self, what do I need to do to get there?" and then we can reverse engineer from there. This goal setting framework is going to work MUCH BETTER for you than setting resolutions or just setting goals and forgetting them. This system is going to help you actually make an actionable framework so you can achieve those goals. Struggling to set New Year's Resolutions that you'll actually stick to? If you want learn how to set goals for 2022 and achieve them, listen up. You are probably setting your goals all wrong, and this episode is going to teach you the best way to set goals that's supported by science.

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