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How Following Your Heart Creates A Life You Love - My Journey And Lessons Learned So Far

May 30, 20232 min read


How do you even follow your heart? What if you can't feel anything because you're so numb? Welp, this episode is going to help you out.

Can I tell you a secret? A life you LOVE is created by relentlessly chasing choices you love, and being able to fully love means being able to fully feel everything. Following your heart and being true to yourself is the only way to love your life. Today I'm sharing my story of how I got to where I am, and how each step I took lead me to the exact right place, even if I didn't think so at the time. Maybe you can relate?

How do you create a life you love?

✨Find your joy and fucking CHASE IT.

Chase it relentlessly.

✨Find your people and LOVE THEM.

Love them whole heartedly.

✨Find what lights you up and DO IT.

As often as you can.

But to do all that, you have to allow space for your pain and sadness and hurt and grief. When you allow all of your emotions to come, then you are going to be able to feel everything, which means you can use your emotions as a compass. Think about it, if you are avoiding unpleasant emotions, you also cant tell when things aren't for you and when things aren't right for you, because you avoid anything unpleasant. On the flip side, you can't feel when things are for you because you are cut off from all the good emotions.

You have to feel it all, because if you cut yourself off from the unpleasant emotions, you cut yourself off from all of them. This allows you to be open to the information that emotions provide, since emotions are feedback to your experience.

If you can't feel joy (because you're cut off) you can't chase it.

Feel everything. Feel it fully and release it when it goes.

Only then can you use joy and love and light as a compass.

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