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ai! I'm Amanda,

I'm your not-so-average coach.

and my dad used to make fun of me for having such a big heart.

I still have a big heart, but I wouldn't say I'm very nice. I actually hate the word nice, because it's what you say about someone when you have nothing else to say. Me? I prefer brave and kind and aligned and funny as hell, but nice? Nah. Nice is what happens when you self abandon, nice is what happens when you swallow what you really want to say in order to keep the peace (and in the process lose your own peace). You can keep nice way over there.

Why am I talking about the difference between being kind and being nice? Because it matters.

When my clients give up the "nice, sweet girl" title, I swear angels start singing.

Their entire energy shifts and I can visibly see it, I can feel it. They feel and look lighter, and weirdly enough, they move differently - they float more. I always want to start screaming like a psycho at the point, but that would be really weird and they wouldn't understand why I'm screaming, so I wait for them to realize how powerful they are (damnit if it isn't the most beautiful thing I have the absolute pleasure to witness).

Life is only worth living when we are unapologetically ourselves and when we are loving with no holds barred. This takes courage and it can be learned.

My mission is to help you finally feel good about your life because you designed it on purpose and you experience it fully. Think about it, you can't fully love your life if you are too afraid to love with your whole heart.

In my coaching (hai, hello, it dis) I work with people who want more out of life and who know that **this** ain't it.

You should have been taught that you are the most magical, worthy, delightful

human who has ever humaned - because you are. You should have been taught

 that your big heart is your greatest weapon against the darkness, because it is.

We believe in a few core values around here:

Being authentic AF.

Being kind AF.

Living within our integrity.

Knowledge + Aligned action is power.

Having a good ass time.

group coaching - becoming light


My signature coaching program walks you through my proven, step by step process to learn how to become confident, brave and decisive. I teach you how to embody true self care, set boundaries (without feeling guilty or people being mad at you), stop letting people walk all over you, among other things. I developed this process after working with hundreds of clients 1:1 and distilled the essentials into a course for you with personalized coaching. I only open this twice a year, so if you miss the next round, you are going to be waiting for months. Click below to get on the waitlist. It opens to the waitlist first, and once spots are full, they're full for that round.

See you on the other side.

a few of my favorite things

Get started with my daily journal prompt that's going to help you start creating and embodying your highest self, one aligned action at a time.



do you, let everyone else die mad about it

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