Your Happiness Is The Only Thing I Care About.

You're not healing to handle the trauma, you've already done that.

You're healing to be able to handle joy.

Stop running from your fears,


start running towards your dreams.

I'm a master at healing trauma. I combine nervous system regulation, subconscious reprogramming and my 8 years experience as a trauma therapist to get you feeling so good you'll be like like "what the fuck Amanda, this is witchcraft??"

Let's live a little a lot.


Heal your trauma, take control of your life and finally get the peace you've been so desperately searching for. These courses will help you clear the rot out so you start building a life that has you saying "this is so dreamy, more please."

Exhale & Release

The best way to work with me, and the only way to do so in a live setting if you're not a current therapy client.

E&R clears emotional turmoil at the subconscious level, by causing your mind to process trauma all the way through. Think nervous system regulation, but make it fun.

A combination of private podcast feed to get your regulated and centered in the moment && live calls where I'll clear past traumas and anxieties on the spot.

Let's get you feeling light, clear & free.

Free Resources?

Yes please.

Want a taste of working with me before you decide to jump in?

they said what?

You're only one choice away from changing your life.

B -

"I hope you never consider a career change...

because you were definitely made for this. Everything you said has helped. It feels good knowing I always have someone in my corner."

K -

"Before we started working together I was, for literally years, trying to fix or heal myself.

And I did all the thing that I was told to do - read this book, do this practice - it was like ok that sounds really good and I can see why its useful but it's like I was looking at through a glass wall and I kept trying and running into the wall and it wasn't clicking. I thought it was me, that I just sucked. But I was trying to beat it into myself or do it the way they did. Then I started working with you and you actually tell me how to do it, and you do the brain magic and it just clicks. Everything in my life is different."

C -

"I just want to thank you for helping me heal.

I'm listening to my body more. I'm able to handle the overwhelm with work and separate myself from it when I'm not there. I'm more in sync with myself. I'm able to control my emotions better and not overshare my life to every person I talk to 😂 I feel so safe and loved. I'm so incredibly happy."

Life your favorite life, let everyone else die mad about it.

Amanda is acting in the role of a coach for any services available on this website. She is not acting in the role of a therapist and she is not your therapist.